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- Hercules (her´-kū-lēz)—the Kneeler.

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- Scorpius (skôr´-pi-us)—the Scorpion. (face South.)

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- Aquarius (a-kwā´ri-us)—the Water Carrier. (face Southwest.)

- Ophiuchus (of-i-ū-kus)—the Serpent Bearer, And Serpens. (face Southwest.)

libra (lī´-bra)—the Scales. (face Southwest.)

Location.—Libra is one of the signs of the zodiac, and lies between Virgo and Scorpius. Its two chief stars, α and β, may be recognized west of and above the head of the Scorpion.

The star ι Libræ is about 20° northwest of Antares in the Scorpion. Spica in Virgo, a star of the first magnitude, is a little over 20° northwest of α Libræ.

A quadrilateral is formed by the stars α, β, γ, ε, which characterizes the constellation.

The star α Libræ looks elongated. An opera-glass shows that it has a fifth-magnitude companion.

β is a pale green star. Its color is very unusual.

Lyra, Corona, and Hercules are almost directly overhead in the early evening, during July and August, and can best be observed in a reclining position. Thus placed, with an opera-glass to assist the vision, you may study to the best advantage the wonderful sight spread out before you, and search depths only measured by the power of your glass.

When the sun enters the sign Libra the days and nights are equal all over the world and seem to observe a certain equilibrium like a balance, hence the name of the constellation.



corona Borealis (kō-rō´nä Bō-rē-a´-lis)—the Northern Crown.


scorpius (skôr´-pi-us)—the Scorpion. (face South.)

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