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- The Constellations Of Spring.

- Hercules (her´-kū-lēz)—the Kneeler.

- Ursa Minor (er´-sa Mi´-nor)—the Little Bear. (face North.)

- Ursa Major (er´sa Mā´-jor)—the Great Bear. (face North.)

- Cetus (sē´-tus)—the Whale. (face Southeast.)

- Corvus (kôr´-vus)—the Crow. (face South.)

- Leo (le´o)—the Lion. (face South.)

- Auriga (â-ri´-ga)—the Charioteer. (face Northwest.)

- The Diagrams.

- Coma Berenices (kō´-ma Ber-e-ni´-sez)—berenice's Hair.

- The Constellations Of Autumn.

- Scorpius (skôr´-pi-us)—the Scorpion. (face South.)

- Andromeda (an-drom´-e-dä)—the Chained Lady.

- Aquarius (a-kwā´ri-us)—the Water Carrier. (face Southwest.)

- Ophiuchus (of-i-ū-kus)—the Serpent Bearer, And Serpens. (face Southwest.)

delphinus (del-fi´-nus)—the Dolphin, Or Job's Coffin. (face Southeast.)

Location.—The little cluster of five stars forming Delphinus is to be seen about 10° northeast of Altair, and, though there are no bright stars in the group, it can hardly escape notice. A line drawn from Vega to Albireo, and prolonged about 20°, strikes the star ε in the tail of the Dolphin. The four other stars of prominence in the constellation are a little above ε, and form a diamond-shaped figure.

The little asterisms Sagitta, the Arrow, and Vulpecula and Anser, the Fox and Goose, are shown just above Delphinus.

Delphinus is also called Job's Coffin. The origin of this appellation is unknown.

In Greece, Delphinus was the Sacred Fish, the sky emblem of philanthropy. The Arabs called it the "Riding Camel."

The star γ Delphini is a fine double for a small telescope with a marked and beautiful contrast of colors.

The names for α and β reversed spell "Nicolaus Venator," the Latinized name of the assistant to the astronomer Piazzi.



sagittarius (saj-i-tā-ri-us)—the Archer. (face South.)


aquila (ak´-wi-lä)—the Eagle, And Antinoüs. (face Southeast.)

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