Argo Navis (är´-go Nā´-vis)—the Ship Argo. (face South.)

Location.—Argo is situated southeast of Canis Major. If a line joining Betelgeuze and Sirius be prolonged 18° southeast, it will point out Naos, a star of the second magnitude in the rowlock of the Ship. This star is in the southeast corner of the Egyptian "X."

The star π is of a deep yellow or orange hue. It has three little stars above it, two of which form a pretty pair.

The star ζ has a companion, which is a test for

n opera-glass.

The star κ is a double for an opera-glass.

Note the fine star cluster (46 M.).

The star Markeb forms a small triangle with two other stars near it.

The Egyptians believed that this was the ark that bore Osiris and Isis over the Deluge.

The constellation contains two noted objects invisible in this latitude, Canopus, the second brightest star, and the remarkable variable star η.